Asthma News

Testosterone May Protect Men From Allergic Asthma
Study findings could explain why airway condition is more common in women

Vitamin D Fails the Asthma Test
These supplements probably won't protect you from eczema or allergies either, researchers say

Take Control of Your Asthma
If you use an inhaler more than twice weekly, you may need help managing the condition, allergist says

Thunderstorms Can Trigger Asthma Flares, Study Finds
Weather forecasts may help public and emergency workers be ready to treat wheezing

Many Students Reluctant to Use Asthma Inhalers at School
Survey suggests it's one reason why many children have poor control of their condition

Health Tip: When Asthma Doesn't Improve
What to discuss with your doctor

Health Tip: Asthma and Air Pollution
Issues to discuss with your doctor

Welcome Spring and Still Survive Your Allergies
Specialist offers tips for minimizing seasonal misery

U.S. Medical Groups Sound the Alarm on Climate Change
Altered weather patterns may already hurt your health, nation's physicians warn

Cystic Fibrosis Survival Better in Canada Than in U.S.
Canadians with the lung disease live about 10 years longer on average, study finds