Asthma News

Makeup of Germs in Newborn's Gut May Triple Allergy, Asthma Risk
Study finds abnormality present in 10 percent of kids seems to undermine immune function

COPD Deaths Down for Most Americans: CDC
But rates up for black women and middle-aged people

New Biologic Drug Tackles Hard-to-Control Asthma
Benralizumab significantly cuts respiratory attacks, two trials show

Combo Drug for Childhood Asthma Appears Safe in Study
FDA to review findings, researcher says

Early Virus Raises Asthma Risk in Certain Kids: Study
Infants with a particular gene variant appear more vulnerable after infection

Adult-Onset Asthma Might Raise Heart Risks
But shared risk factors, such as air pollution, might explain the connection, researchers say

Kids With Mild Asthma Can Take Acetaminophen: Study
Finding counters past research suggesting popular over-the-counter remedy worsens symptoms

Amish Lifestyle Brings Unexpected Benefit: Less Asthma
Finding suggests exposing kids to lots of allergens, like those found on farms, offers advantage

Does Living Near a Fracking Site Make Asthma Worse?
Study found association, but not cause-and-effect

Allergies Less Common in Kids Who Suck Thumb, Bite Nails
Findings boost 'hygiene hypothesis,' study authors suggest