Health Tip: Protect Against Dust Mites

(HealthDay News) -- Dust mites are tiny bugs that live in bed linens, carpets, pillows and other warm areas where dust may gather. The waste from dust mites can cause allergy and asthma symptoms to flare.

To help rid your home of dust mites, the American Academy of Family Physicians offers these suggestions:

  • Cover your mattress and pillows with an airtight cover made of plastic or polyurethane.
  • Wash sheets and pillows each week in very hot water.
  • If possible, bedroom floors should be hardwood or linoleum, rather than carpet.
  • Vacuum carpets and furniture every week.
  • Spray carpets with a 3 percent tannic acid spray every two months. But this solution, itself, can cause problems in allergic or asthmatic people, so check with your doctor first.
  • Use a dehumidifier, and keep your air conditioning running when possible.
  • Use special filters to trap dust mites in your air conditioner and vacuum.

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